Struggles of an introvert

woman-1209866_1920These past few weeks have been interesting. It’s reminded me how much more assertive I still need to become.

I’ve been consistently undermined, likely due to a lack of confidence, since my skills speak for themselves. Or questions will be asked and my answer will be ignored. People assume they know what I’m thinking, when the opposite is true. I don’t have the ability to respond articulately on the fly. So as a result, I say nothing and the frustration builds.

Although I’ve come a long way, I’m still far too passive. If someone takes advantage of a close friend or family member, I’ll go on the offensive. But when it happens to me, I don’t have the same reaction. As a recovering people-pleaser, I’m still learning to take potentially confrontational situations head on, but it’s a challenge.

I need the wisdom of knowing where to draw the line and how to enforce it. My frustration stems more from my lack of ability to respond, than to the situation itself. Any ideas on how I can be more proactive?

But in more positive news, I saw the Wonder Woman movie and it was fantastic!

How’s your week going?