My love of autumn

The stirrings of autumn have begun. There are tinges of yellow on the trees and a few leaves have already fallen to the ground.

Autumn is my favourite. I love going for walks while the soft smell of decay fills my senses. Taking in the vivid reds and oranges suspended in the canopy above and scattered on the ground below. Crunching my way through the fallen leaves along the path.

Autumn has its own charm. It feels romantic, lends itself to emotion. It brings coziness and warmth. There’s an ache of nostalgia, longing, melancholy. A shift in season and temperature. It feels like memories, love, loss.

Even grey, rainy, days can be magical. Finding comfort curled up with a good book. Wearing a cozy shrug and woolen socks. A cup of tea at my elbow. Watching raindrops slide down the window pane.

There’s coziness in warm flannels and soft sweaters. The texture and scent of woolen scarves, leather boots, and snug denim. Comfort foods on cool nights. Thick, rich soups and stews. All the pumpkin spice I can handle. Cups of steaming, spicy chai. So hot I burn my tongue but come back for more. I love autumn!

What is your favourite season?

5 Things About Me

I thought it would be fun to do a lighter post. Here are a few things about me you may not know.

1. The older I get, the less I care what others think.
This has been so incredibly freeing for me. I’m still a people-pleaser at heart, something I’m working to overcome, but I feel more at peace. There’s no longer any intense pressure to conform to what I think others want.

2. I write far better than I speak.
Writing gives me time to sort through my thoughts and feelings and choose the most appropriate word for the occasion. Thankfully I’m blessed with family and friends who are patient when I mix my words together or stutter (which happens if I’m nervous or tired).

3. I find it easy to see things from another’s perspective.
Travel and personal experiences have broadened my world. It’s far richer for all the people I’ve met and interacted with. However, it also can become frustrating when dealing with those who only see life one way.

4. I internalize stress.
I never knew how to handle stress as I was growing up. I’d simply shoulder everything until it overwhelmed me. Then I’d have an emotional meltdown (usually over something small and insignificant). Over the last 5+ years I’ve been learning to be more proactive. Meditation, mindfulness, exercise, and time in nature has helped me alleviate and deal with stress.

5. I find labels helpful but am not defined by them.
I’m an introvert (specifically INFJ) and a HSP (highly sensitive person). Learning there was a reason for the way I thought and functioned completely changed my perspective. I finally felt normal. That being said, I don’t find myself constrained by labels and am always pushing for self improvement.

What’s something interesting about you?